Criminal Defense 

Being charged with a crime is a serious matter and should never be taken lightly.  If convicted, you could be facing jail time, a fine, or both.  There is also a myriad of collateral consequences as a result of a conviction, such as losing a job, loss of government benefits, or worse.  No matter what the charge, a criminal conviction can have everlasting consequences.

Going it alone and representing yourself can prove to be cumbersome and difficult.  A criminal defense attorney’s purpose is to defend the constitutional rights guaranteed to their clients and zealously advocate on their behalf. 

Hyde Law Firm, P.A. has multiple resources on their team to assist in your criminal defense needs including DUI/DWI defense

Whatever your criminal defense needs may be, Hyde Law firm is ready to handle your case.  Please call our office at (864) 804-6330 to schedule an initial consultation


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