Eminent Domain / Land Condemnation

Has your land been taken by the government? Is someone or some entity trying to take your land? 

Max Hyde and his team maintain a statewide eminent domain / land condemnation practice.

Max Hyde has handled hundreds of condemnation cases, and he will work hard to maximize your recovery of just compensation. He has represented landowners and governmental entities.  He has taught other attorneys about eminent domain and land condemnation. Also, he formerly served as the Chairman of the City of Spartanburg's Board of Zoning Appeals.

If the government or another condemning authority is trying to take your private property for a public use such as a highway project, utility right-of-way, energy easement, power line, transmission and substations, sewer system, or gas pipeline placements, you are entitled to receive just compensation for the value of your land taken by the government plus any damages to the remaining property.

Condemnation cases can involve complex issues such as real estate appraisal and valuation, zoning, storm-water management, and wetlands delineation.

The team at Hyde Law Firm, P.A. works with experienced real estate appraisers, engineers, land planners, traffic and sound consultants, soil and environmental experts, real estate brokers, and developers to prove eminent domain / land condemnation cases.

Max Hyde and the team at Hyde Law Firm, P.A. will fight hard for your property rights AND for just compensation.


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