At Hyde Law Firm, we know that choosing an attorney is not easy, and you have many options. In this blog, we provide some inside knowledge about selecting a lawyer from our end of the table.

First, a consultation is worth the time to find out whether a law firm is a good fit for you. Here, you will have the opportunity to look our team in the eye and get to know us. You want to trust that your attorney will have your best interest in mind each day.

A consultation is confidential. The information you share is private so that the attorney can learn the full set of facts regarding your case. You should feel open to tell your whole story because only then can the lawyer determine what is legally significant, and properly diagnose the case.

A good lawyer will not always tell you exactly what you want to hear. Our job is to provide legal advice, advocacy, and work towards your goals. That does not always mean that you will always like our honest advice. Yet, you can rest assured that you will not have unrealistic expectations, and you will know the truth.

No attorney should make promises. Nothing is guaranteed, and if an attorney makes you promises about results, then you should run the other direction.

Ask questions! Find out whether we have the experience you need. Determine whether you may have a conflict of interest with a prior or existing client. Ask about the best means of communication with our office. Know who is working on your case and their rates. We want you to be fully informed and empowered when you leave our office.

Blogs are no substitute for a lawyer. You can find excellent resources and information in blogs, which is exactly why we write them. However, be cautious when applying a legal blog to your case. You could be an exception to the rule. Additionally, some blogs may have non-attorney ghostwriters and publish misinformation. Also, consider which local, state, or federal laws could apply to your case. It is always best to talk to an attorney in your area.

If you are interested in a consultation with an attorney at Hyde Law Firm, please contact us today at 864-804-6330. We look forward to meeting you!

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