Divorce Law in Spartanburg, SC

Divorce is difficult; finding a strong advocate who will be by your side throughout the process should not be.

Child Custody

Nothing is more important than your child. Understandably, a parent can find child custody to be a heart-wrenching aspect of divorce. Our attorneys will tirelessly advocate for your parental rights so you can raise your children in a fit and healthy home.

Child Visitation

Divorce should not force you to miss important milestones in your children’s lives. Our attorneys work to ensure you are given the opportunity to spend the quality time with your children and to share in their upbringing.

Child Support

Both parents share the responsibility of raising your child. Our attorneys uphold your children’s right to receive the financial support required for a healthy, happy upbringing, while seeking to ensuring the financial burden is divided fairly between both parents.

Child Support Modification

Sometimes the unexpected happens — a lost job or a sudden injury — yet you remain obligated to pay the original child support agreement despite your changed financial circumstances. In other cases, your former spouse receives a huge financial windfall or promotion, which should be shared with your children. Whatever the circumstance, our attorneys can be your advocate and work to obtain a modification of your child support order so your children’s financial support is more fairly shared between you and your former spouse.

Divorce in Spartanburg, SC



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