As we enter the holiday season, spending time with family is a high priority for everyone. Unfortunately, if you are involved in a divorce or close with someone experiencing divorce, this time of year can heighten family conflicts. There might be many tips of how you can manage a divorce and the Holidays.

Few Tips for Surviving the Season.

  1. Make your children feel safe and loved. Children can suffer most during a divorce. Without the safety of school, they may feel the reality of divorce even more. Children are temporarily disconnected from comforts of friends, teachers, or counselors who help them cope.
  2. Be aware of your visitation schedule and stick to the plan. Let your children know how they will celebrate the holidays so that they know what to expect.
  3. Be grateful for gifts rather than criticize gifts from the other parent. Do not tell your children the other parent is behind on child support or blame the other parent for changes in resources. Divorce hurts everyone financially.
  4. Take a break, if only for a couple days, to set aside worries about your future, income, savings or assets.
  5. Focus on others. Finding a way to give back this holiday season can be a worthy distraction from your worry.
  6. Start a new tradition that is uniquely your own. While routines are interrupted, find a creative way to celebrate that you will look back on with joy.
  7. Surround yourself with family and friends who will lift you up. Go to that party, even if you walk in alone. Call a friend for support. Don’t isolate yourself.
  8. Suppress your inner Grinch. Don’t be Mr. Scrooge. Understandably, you do not feel the Christmas cheer. Stay away from the negativity whether it is Facebook, calls to your ex, or venting to friends. These activities can increase your stress and humbug.
  9. Breathe.
  10. Look to the New Year with hope of moving forward in peace.

Challenging for you to Handle?

If you are divorced, going through your first Christmas without your spouse, or considering divorce. This might be challenging for you to handle divorce and the holidays. We would be glad to walk through this season with you. Contact us or call 1-864-804-6330 to schedule an appointment.

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