new year's legal resolutions

New Year’s Legal Resolutions 2021

We enter 2021 with both hope for a new year and relief that 2020 is over. As you set out to tackle 2021 with all your zeal and enthusiasm, allow us to offer a few suggestions for your new year’s legal resolutions. January may be just the momentum you’ve needed to tackle that lingering legal issue. 

Create or Update A Will or Other Estate Documents

As you expect joy and happiness in the year to come, a Will can also offer peace of mind. The preparedness that comes with estate planning can lift a weight off your shoulders. A Will is a gift to your family and loved ones. Without a will, probate is more complicated and lengthier for your family and loved ones to navigate. With effective estate planning, you could largely avoid probate. There are also additional estate planning documents to help your loved ones while you are still living.  These include a living will, health care power of attorney, and durable power of attorney to ensure that your health and financial affairs can be managed no matter the circumstances. Find out more about each of these documents here.

An update to your Will can be simple and efficient. If you have not updated your Will in the last five years, or if you experienced a life event such as marriage, birth of a child, divorce, death of a beneficiary, etc., now is the time to update! A full review of your estate planning documents is the best course of action.

Get the Child Support Your Child is Owed

Many people are owed child support from a noncustodial parent but never take the time to obtain this support. It is easy to understand how the court system can seem confusing or daunting or life is just too busy to pursue child support. Some parents believe they will not receive child support because the other parent moved out of state or the parent has been paid in cash. 

Remember, although the parent accepts the payment, child support is a duty owed to the child.  The child deserves the support, and the child loses out when child support is unpaid. To enforce child support, you will need a court order stating what the other parent is required to pay. This can be obtained through the South Carolina Department of Social Services or a private attorney. A private attorney can ensure that they consider all factors of child support and assist you in collecting the support the child is due.

New Year, New You—Divorce Resolution

We frequently see the number of divorce cases increase in the new year. Most often, we attribute this to parents waiting until after the holidays to begin divorce proceedings for the sake of the children. Others “stick it out” through the holidays because they have enough other tasks or family pressures to manage. 

Divorce is no easy decision. However, the holidays can often highlight relational or financial stressors. Maybe the new year’s legal resolutions will bring the optimistic possibility of change in the marriage. If not, the new year could bring the opportunity for a trial separation, counseling, or a divorce consultation. We would be glad to meet with you to discuss your options and their legal significance. 

Don’t Delay—Dealing with Traffic Tickets and DUIs

The holiday season is notorious for an onslaught of traffic offenses as hordes of drivers are on the road and police are on high alert. Perhaps you were caught when speeding to grandma’s house this holiday season. Maybe you had too much to drink at a holiday party and received a DUI (driving under the influence). Hyde Law Firm can help handle your traffic offense to minimize your insurance costs and reduce your fees. But do not delay! You will need to act quickly to preserve your rights. The consequences of a DUI can be high, and traffic tickets left unhandled can result in a license suspension. The new year can be a new start, and you can leave your past mistakes behind. 

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