As we’ve mentioned previously, having experienced counsel on your side of the table in a worker’s compensation claim is essential to your success.  Sometimes, however, it may be unclear whether an injury is work-related. In these instances, we can guide you through the process to ensure that you receive the maximum amount of compensation.

In a previous post on worker’s compensation, we strongly advised the immediate filing of an incident report. It includes relevant information (date, time of day, location, etc.). But what happens when it’s difficult to prove that your job was the direct cause of the incident? These situations are called “stair injuries.”. Imagine you’re a nurse and receive a page that a patient on the floor below is coding. In your rush to attend to your patient, you slip on the staircase and sprain your ankle. Was it just an accident, or were you put at an increased risk of injury by the nature of your job? These are the crucial details that a judge will consider when to award compensation. Moreover, our team will help you compile those details into the most accurate and compelling case possible.

These injuries may be difficult to classify as” work-related injury,” but the dedicated team at Hyde Law Firm, P.A. knows that every detail matters. We will work with you to ensure that no aspect of your case goes undocumented. It is to maximize the potential for a favorable outcome.

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