A Texas Home Owner’s Association requested a homeowner, who is expecting a baby at Christmas, to remove early Christmas décor after the family installed decoration on November 1. The residents responded with adding an inflatable Grinch to their lawn labeled “HOA.” You can read the full story here.  Meanwhile in Phoenix, homeowners faced reminders not to decorate the week before Thanksgiving.

Christmas related HOA rules often dictate the time frame for Christmas decorations such as 30 days prior or two weeks after Christmas day. Other rules may prohibit blinking lights, lights over certain wattage, or time restrictions for lights. Certain HOAs restrict amplified music and decorations of an unreasonable design or magnitude.

While some merry individual’s love of Christmas knows no end, it is good to consider that some persons do not share the same passion or even remembrance of the holiday season. We all live in community together and must find ways to respect one another. This respect could mean more tolerance for your block’s overly excited Clark Griswold or toning down celebrations to meet community compliance.

Now is a great time to review your HOA’s Restrictions and Covenants. Most homeowners receive a copy at their closing or they may be accessed online through the Register of Deeds Office. The Covenants often are created for the benefit of all homeowners and are intended to maintain property condition, value or uniformity. The rules on holiday décor may be broad and simple, or may be focused and specific. But, many Covenants provide no restrictions on holiday décor at all.

Remember, Hyde Law Firm, P.A. handles a wide range of HOA issues all year long. We can help you regardless of whether you are the HOA board in need of assistance with restrictions and covenants, or you are the resident in need advocacy while dealing with your HOA.

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