SCDOT I-20/26/126 Corridor Improvement Project

We all know how dangerous I-26 can be once you reach Columbia and attempt to navigate the interchanges at I-20 or I-126. As this area is colloquially known as “malfunction junction,” South Carolina is now moving forward to help ease the traffic pain.

The Carolina Crossroads Project will hopefully reduce existing traffic in this area and enhance the mobility of these interchanges. The project will add lanes and build out other junctions to make I-26 more efficient. SCDOT will work with the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) and the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers.

Phases of Construction 

Construction is set to begin in the Fall of 2021, and SCDOT obtained a permit for 15 years of construction. The project will include five phases to impact a total of seven new interchanges and cloverleaf loops with on and off-ramps.

1st Phase will reconstruct the Colonial Life Boulevard interchange. This phase was scheduled to begin in April 2021.

2nd Phase will impact Broad River Road. It is scheduled to begin in July 2021 and is estimated to last three years.

3rd Phase includes the interchanges at I-20 and I-26.

4th Phase impacts Harbison Boulevard Interchange and Frontage Roads.

5th Phase is a widening of I-26.

Moreover, A map of the project can be seen here and a graphic of the phases is linked here.

Residential Properties: What to Do? 

Do you live or own property next to any of the roads that will be part of this project? In order for SCDOT to obtain the Right of Ways on your property for the project, a SCDOT ROW agent may approach you to negotiate payment for a portion or all of your property. You may be approached anytime now through 2022. More about the Right of Way process can be found here. Proposed Right of Way Plans can be found here.

Have Questions? Give Us a Call

If your property is impacted, you will be entitled to just compensation for the governmental taking your land as well as damages to your remaining property. Hyde Law Firm, P.A. is prepared to help. Hyde Law Firm has handled hundreds of eminent domain cases, and will fight for you to maximize the just compensation you deserve.

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