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SCDOT Road Projects: Woodruff Road Congestion Relief

As the Project title notes, this SCDOT road congestion relief project aims to improve traffic congestion on Woodruff Road between I-385 and Roper Mountain Road/Verdae Boulevard. Moreover, the goal is to create a “Preferred Alternative” route. This will be a five-lane alternate route to Woodruff Road from Verdae Boulevard.

This route will run parallel to Woodruff Road for a three-mile stretch. The Preferred Alternative will also widen Woodruff Bypass from two to four lanes and improve Thousand Oaks Boulevard. Furthermore, a new bridge will be constructed over I-385 and I-85, roundabouts will be constructed at various intersections, and intersections along Woodruff Road will be improved. Construction will not begin until Spring 2024. However, the logistics have already begun.

A map of the Project can be seen here (Alternative 6C has been chosen as the Preferred Alternative).
What happens if you live or own property along the Project map? Right of Way acquisitions are set to begin in Spring 2022. This means SCDOT may approach you to negotiate a payment for a portion of your property. A total of $23,950,000 has been allocated to the project for engineering and right-of-way acquisitions, including both State and Federal funds.

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