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Eminent Domain

The government wants to take your land. Now what? Most likely, an agent of the Department of Transportation, the city, or the county has contacted you concerning a project that will require a portion of your property as per eminent domain. Moreover, you may have let them conduct an appraisal, and they may have come up with an offer to present to you as compensation for taking your land.

If you are unsatisfied with the purpose of their taking or believe you are entitled to a higher price for your land, consider hiring an attorney.

An attorney can help you with some of the following steps in your case:

  1. Determine whether the agency’s appraisal is accurate
  2. Hire a qualified, local, independent appraiser to value your property who will perform well in front of a jury if needed.
  3. Establish your property’s “highest and best use” to ensure your sales price is for the appropriate purpose.
  4. Find any expert witnesses needed
  5. Make sure you do not sell more land than necessary
  6. Respond to and request discovery such as interrogatories and requests for production to determine all information available
  7. Advise you through negotiations and potential settlement offers
  8. Negotiate with lienholders or mortgagees, which would be paid out of any final deposit or settlement
  9. Conduct mediation
  10. Walk with you through a trial to ensure your “just compensation” for taking your property.

You can hire an experienced attorney on a contingency basis and pay nothing upfront. Your counsel will work together to get you the return you deserve.

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