Getting an injury on the job is never a pleasant experience. It is likely to increase the stress you normally have in your life. This Work Injury To-Do List sheds some light on how to handle a difficult situation.

  • Immediately notify your supervisor:

In previous posts, we’ve discussed how it is essential to notify your workplace of your work injury as soon as possible. This establishes your eligibility for worker’s compensation and often starts the process of receiving benefits.

  • Follow doctor’s orders:

Don’t deviate from your doctor’s medical advice. If you do something your doctor specifically told you not to, the insurance company may cut off your benefits. Not only is following your doctor’s recommendations practical. But it will ensure that you won’t be penalized by the insurance company.

  • Discussions with the insurance company:

Be careful when discussing your situation with insurance companies. Hyde Law Firm, P.A., is ready to do the talking for you.

You may need to file a formal claim. Here at Hyde Law Firm, P.A., we would like to help you navigate the choppy waters of work-related injuries. Whether it is a small slip or a more serious injury. We will fight for your rights and the benefits you are entitled to.

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